Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry I haven’t written a post in so long! Summer is crazy around here! My husband works longer hours and then has farming to do after a full day of work. We spend most of our evenings cutting, raking, baling and gathering hay as well as taking care of a herd of 40 goats, 30 beef cattle and 150 chickens and turkeys. And being 35 weeks pregnant makes everything  I do take a little longer.  

Speaking of being 35 weeks pregnant, we have the baby’s room almost completely set up and all our supplies gathered for a home birth. I’m really looking forward to not having to drive to the hospital while in labour this time! My 3-year old has her heart set on watching the birth but we will see what happens when the time comes. 

Our zero waste journey is at a bit of a standstill right now because of my lack of energy. We still try to stay clear of plastic grocery bags, cling wrap and straws but we aren’t perfect; that’s why it’s called a journey. We have quite the stash of glass jars and bottles now that we use regularly instead of using plastic to store our food and we do not microwave plastic at all! 

I’ve been getting ready to homeschool my 3-year old this year so we invested in a laminator (I know, I know…it covers things in plastic, but hear me out). We wanted to have our homeschool supplies last for a long time because we will be homeschooling three kids. This way, we won’t be using as much paper or workbooks but will instead have a number of reusable activities for years to come. I try to fit as many items in one laminating pouch as I can so I can eliminate some of the plastic waste. Once we have used our laminated curriculum to its full potential, we will pass it on to someone else. 

Hope your summer is going well! Let me know what you think about homeschooling in the comments or if you have any tips for zero waste homeschooling. 🙂