So sorry everyone, I’ve been MIA for a few weeks now. Here’s what I’ve been up to: 

Redoing the flooring in the master bedroom

Painting and redoing the flooring in the nursery. 

Organizing baby boy stuff. 

Painting the girls room. 

And moving them into one shared room. That made for a lot of sleepless nights at first. 

Then one got sick for a week. 

And the other for a second week. 

Filmed my last crochet video tutorial on how to crochet a crochet hook holder. 

Then the oldest got an ear infection and had an allergic reaction to some bug bites. 

We had a yard sale on the long weekend. 

I finished up a bunch of fabric lined pencil cases. 

And lastly, their daddy built them an epic sandbox. (Which still does not have any sand.) 
I wrote down in my planner, weekly reminders to write a blog post but life kept getting in the way. Now to go take a nap cuz baby boy has me yawning all day long…welcome to the third trimester. 

What would you like to hear more about? The farm? The zero waste lifestyle? The fam jam? The crochet business? Let me know in the comments! I aim to please. 😉