Have you ever thought about the cost of your cleaning products that you purchase at the grocery store? Or how many unneeded and harmful chemicals are in them? I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently and I decided to make my own cleaning products. 

This morning I gathered all the ingredients that I purchased yesterday and began to make three cleaning recipes that resulted in zero waste! I made Dishwasher detergent tabs, lemon essential oil and citrus vinegar all-purpose cleaner. 

The coat of all my ingredients was: 

Baking soda=$1.32 

White vinegar =$3.77 ($0.37 per 16 oz mason jar) 


Coconut oil=$8.99 

Kosher salt=$3.29 ($0.82 per batch of detergent tabs) 

The white vinegar and kosher salt can be used to make 5-6 batches total. 

To make the dishwasher detergent tabs you need: 

1 cup kosher salt 

2 cups baking soda 

3/4 cup lemon juice (I squeezed my own lemons it takes approximately 3 lemons) 

Mix the salt and soda together in a stainless steel bowl 

and then add the lemon juice. It will fizz for about a minute. Once it has stopped fizzing, mix everything well until there are no clumps. 

Then spoon into silicone moulds or ice cube trays. Allow the detergent tabs to harden completely before you remove them (this will probably take 24 hours). 

This recipe makes roughly 30-33 dishwasher detergent tabs. 

Next, I made citrus vinegar cleaner. What you will need: 

The peels from 1 lemon (one that you used for the detergent tabs) and 1 orange. (I fed my 17 month old an orange for a snack while I made the detergent tabs) 

White vinegar 

One 16-32 oz mason jar 

Start by cutting the lemon and orange peels into quarters and throw them in the mason jar. Then pour the white vinegar into the jar until it is nearly at the top. Set aside for 1 week to let the citrus infuse the vinegar. Then strain. 

I painted my mason jars with chalk board paint and I use a white pencil crayon to write on them instead of chalk. 
The last thing I made was lemon essential oil. I used coconut oil and the last two lemon peels from the detergent tabs. But after making this, I think I will use olive oil next time because it doesn’t harden. 

What you need: 

Olive oil (or liquid coconut oil) 

2 lemon peels 

Cut the lemon peels very small and put them into a 16 oz mason jar. Add the oil and put in a dark spot. Allow Thai to sit for two months then strain through a cheese cloth. 

This diy lemon essential oil will fill 21 15ml bottles (The size that doterra sells), for only $0.42 per 15ml rather than spending $13 for each. 

So there you go, rather than spending $24.50 a month on cleaning supplies you can spend $5.90 to make your own. 

What other products would you like to see recipes for?