Week one of our journey to zero waste went really well. I sewed a bunch of produce bags, slowly started getting rid of plastic items in my kitchen, started using up my stash of plastic bags to line my garbage pails, cleaned out my spice drawer and actually made my first trip to the grocery store as a zero waste shopper!


Here are a few of my most used spices in little glass jars. The jars do have plastic lids but it is hard to find all-glass jars for your spices. In the future when I purchase more spices, I want to do so in the bulk section of the grocery store and store them in small canvas bags until the jars need to be refilled


Here is a photo of my metal fruit basket. I bought this at the dollar store (it was originally being sold as a hanging plant basket). I just bought my fruit at the grocery store this time, but as summer grows closer and the snow starts to melt, I would like to shop for all my fruits and veggies at the mennonite farmer’s market down the road as well as use the veggies that I plant in my garden this year.


Here are my glass/metal containers for pasta and baking needs. I do have a pasta maker for my kitchen aid that I have never used but I plan on making my own pasta from here on. So this is the last of the grocery store wanna-be pasta.


These are my babies. My lettuce is regrowing from it’s roots and will be transplanted in the garden this spring. The other glass jar contains apple and lemon seeds that i am trying to start inside a wet kleenex (since we ran out of paper towel, I have not bought any more!). I hope to plant these future fruit trees at the back of my backyard this summer.

Lastly, if you are interested in starting your zero waste journey, these are two really great books to check out! Although, I’m going to state right now that I enjoy meat and I have no plans to become a vegan. We raise and butcher our own pigs, cows and chickens, and don’t worry, they are humanely raised as well humanely killed. We don’t waste any part of the animals and we do respect them for the food they provide for us. I won’t post pictures of that process (As interesting as it is, and a good biology lesson for my kids) because people get very heated about the process even when it is done correctly.

Comment below what you think your biggest struggle would be in going zero waste. Maybe we can up with a helpful solution. But in the end, remember that the goal is to reduce your waste, not everyone can live zero waste all the time. It’s alright to keep using disposable diapers if you hate the idea of washing reusable ones.