This past week I made the decision to go zero waste/sustainable living. Obviously with two little kids and a farming husband, it will be a bit difficult (especially since I just cannot give up disposable diapers. They’re my kryponite.)

We want to start with getting rid of plastic in our kitchen. No more cling wrap, no more Tupperware, no more ziploc bags. We are using up the last of our cling wrap and sandwich bags and once we have our annual yard sale in June we will be getting rid of our plastic containers and purchasing reusable silicone sandwich bags, metal lunch containers and glass containers.  We have some now that we are using but we would like to have a few more. 

We also got rid of our tassimo which uses a ridiculous amount of plastic and cannot even be fixed when it breaks. We have a French press for when we make coffee for the two of us and a stainless steel coffee maker for when we have people over (and our family are huge coffee drinkers!) I keep my coffee in the freezer and pour it into this ceramic container from dear nana who passed away last spring. Our sugar goes into the glass container beside it (because my husband cannot live without sugar). 

We don’t have a bulk barn anywhere near us so we have to make due with what we can find at the grocery store and online. For fancy spices, we buy epicure because they taste amazing and they come in some pretty cute reusable glass containers. 

I have begun to use up our hord of plastic bags as garbage can liners for the bathroom and bedrooms and then we will start composting more and buying items with less to no packaging. When we moved into our house there was no recycling bin and even after being here for a year we still haven’t gone to get one. We will be going very soon to the municipal office to find one! 

We are always forgetting our reusable grocery bags at home when we go grocery shopping but we need to get into the habit of bringing them along. I also started sewing drawstring bags for produce and baking goods etc. You can even bring along your glass containers with you to the store. If you weigh them all ahead of time you can write the tare on the bottom in permanent marker so the cashier knows how much weight to subtract when they weigh your flour and sugar etc. To make my drawstring bags I rooted through my scrap fabric box and found some old curtains that I cut into squares with the part where the curtain rod goes through at the top so I could lace my drawstring through there. It was super simple (especially since I don’t have a sewing machine). 

My next big step is sourcing sustainable quality fibres for my business. If I am doing sustainable living at home I want it to extend to my business as well to really show everyone my goals and why I have them. 

If you are interested in sustainable living and how to do it when you work from home or if you have little kids running around like I do, subscribe to my blog and follow along our journey with us. We would love to hear about how you are making the move to live sustainably.