It’s a hard thing, running a business while two toddlers run around getting into everything. Just last night I was working on some marketing when I noticed it had become very quiet, so I went to investigate. The two of them had found chairs and dragged them into my bedroom to reach the top of my dresser and get my nail polish. Somehow toddlers can open the tightest screwed on lids (Kind of like husbands) and they had started painting their own fingernails (and when I say fingernails I mean, the nail, the cuticle, the finger, the hand, the arm and the bed). So much for marketing.

It is a fine balance between house work, crocheting, marketing, running my Etsy shop, feeding the children, bathing the children, spending time with my husband and still finding a tiny corner of “me time.” Me time is usually locking the door to shower alone while the kids watch Magic School Bus with goldfish crackers or taking 1/2 an hour of business time to read a chapter of my book. With another baby on the way, I don’t know what this will look like come August. But I do know that I need to accept it with grace and know that there will again be a season for my business.

Right now I’m working on starting a free video course on crocheting for beginners. I’m really excited for it! I have another awesome Etsy Shop working with me. Here is a link to the shop She is giving my video customers a coupon code for 10% off her fabrics! One of the projects we will be learning to make is a crochet hook holder/makeup brush holder and to make it, you need to have a bit of fabric to line it with. I will soon be posting an introductory video with a list of items you need to take the course and in this video I will list the coupon code! Hit subscribe on my blog if you want to be added to email list for the video course!

I can’t wait to get to know you and show you how easy it can be to crochet some awesome things!