My mother is a very type-A personality. She kept up straight A’s in school (other than PE). She is very organized and she stays-on-task in nearly everything she does. My father was a creative. He played dungeons and dragons, He always listened to music while he worked, He created his own Bible Study and eventually started his own business doing locates. (While you may not think locating is an especially creative job, he was known in his field for the perfect locate maps he drew.) I am their first-born. I am both type-A and creative. I can be both organized and extremely messy. I love organization, I love IKEA, I made the Dean’s list in college and yet I also love creative chaos, bullet journaling and being a small business owner (of my own design).

When I was little (maybe 6 or 7), my mom taught me how to knit. I started off small with scarves and dishcloths and eventually forgot all about it. My mom would crochet and knit occasionally but I never paid much attention until she bought me a corker when I was 12. I paid for my own yarn and corked literally hundreds of feet. It was my childhood goal to make it in the Guiness World Record book for longest strand of corked yarn. For those of you have no idea what this is check out this link:

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I were overjoyed and one of the first things I made for my baby was a crocheted blanket. Now, I had no idea how to crochet and no crocheting equipment so I took a trip to the store and bought a 10 mm hook and some chunky baby yarn. I looked up video after video on YouTube and finally taught myself how to crochet a basic baby blanket with the single and double crochet stitches. I probably undid the project a dozen times before I finally got the edges straight and the look I wanted.

After my baby girl was born, I needed a creative outlet, something to do during her naps and in the evening when I was alone and my farmer husband was working long hours. I met a wonderful and very creative lady who has an Etsy shop where she sells her beautiful handmade dolls. This is her Facebook Business page: I became curious about Etsy and what exactly people sold on this platform so I did a lot of browsing and then I decided that maybe I could have an Etsy shop too. After a lot of thinking and planning, I decided to sell my crocheted creations. I taught myself more stitches, I learned about yarn types and hooks and how to read patterns. I spent hours searching Pinterest for ideas, which I would then modify to suit my  needs.

2017 is the 4th year I will have my shop running on Etsy. I’ve made both online sales, offline sales and craft show sales. If you are interested in starting up a shop on Etsy, I will be starting a FREE course on this topic sometime this spring/summer on my YouTube channel. Email me: to reserve a spot and receive updates and more freebies!

Now go out and get crafting!